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Frequently Asked Questions



Who is eligible for rent and utility assistance?

Texas veterans of the United States military, or a surviving spouse thereof, who have served at least one day on active duty and did not receive a dishonorable or bad conduct discharge. In addition, eligibility will depend upon the income level of the client. Please call the ETVRC at 903-291-1155 or visit the Longview or Texarkana office and speak with a Case Manager to determine if you are eligible.



Do you assist with mortgage payments?

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to assists with mortgage payments.




Do you cover cell phone charges?

Yes, the ETVRC can assist with cell phone bills for eligible veterans.




What precautions are you taking for COVID? Is your office open to visitors? 

We continue to practice social distancing and routine sanitization. Our office is open to visitor.




Do you cover internet bills?

Yes, the ETVRC can assist with internet bills for eligible veterans.

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