Meet The Team

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Chesley Knowles
Program Manager for Housing/Veterans Services

O: 903-237-2345 

F: 903-291-1033

Chesley has 20 years of service with Community HealthCore. Currently working primarily with people experiencing a housing crisis – specifically those individuals with mental health/substance use disorders and/or the veteran population.

Wallace Revalee
Program Supervisor

wallace.revalee@communityhealthcore.comCell: 903-932-6255

F: 903-291-1033

Wallace, a Desert Shield/Storm veteran, served in the U.S. Air Force as an ammunition technician from 1989 to 1996. After obtaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, he retired with more than 23 years in the Criminal Justice field. For Community Healthcore, he holds the position of Veteran’s Healthcare Navigator at ETVRC with the Supportive Services for Veteran Families. Connecting veterans with VA and community healthcare, performing outreach and veteran advocacy, he seeks to encourage wellness at all levels for the veteran population.

Osterline Duclona
Case Manager - Longview Area

O: 903-291-1155 

F: 903-291-1033

Osterline is a Case Manager providing case management supported services to veterans in need of obtaining and maintaining their own housing goals. Osterline connects them to other resources within the community they might need. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry, and a Master’s in Behavioral  Psychology. Osterline likes making a difference in the lives of individuals she comes in contact with on a daily basis.

Randall Cobb
Case Manager - Texarkana Area

O: 903-556-0600

F: 903-291-1033

Randall is a 29 year employee with Community Healthcore. He is a qualified mental health and mental retardation professional. Growing up in a family of Veterans he gained a great deal of respect for the Military. He is honored to serve as a Case Manager for the ETVRC Team. He earned his Bachelors degree from Texas A&M.

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Ken Hansen
Outreach Coordinator - Longview

Cell: 903-932-6103

F: 903-291-1033

Ken is the Outreach Coordinator - Veterans Services for the East Texas Veterans Resource Center.  He has served in the US Army for over 23 years. He has a passion for serving Veterans.  He helps Veterans and their families by providing resources within the community that they may need. He serves 12 counties.

Kasi Darragh
Veterans Case Manager

Cell: 903-932-4470

F: 903-291-1033

Kasi is a Case Manager who provides services to veterans and their families. These services can range from housing and utility assistance to connecting them with resources for any additional needs they may have. Kasi grew up in a military family and is now a proud parent of a United States Marine. She has a passion for helping the veteran population and their families to ensure they receive the individual care and attention that is needed.

Emily Lester Health Care Navigator - Texarkana Area

C: 903-399-9781

F: 903-291-1033

Emily is the Health Care Navigator who assists veterans in gaining access to health care in their communities and surrounding areas.  She serves 14 counties.  She supports recommended health care plans and provides education on wellness-related topics. Emily also does outreach by connecting veterans with community-based resources the veteran might need. She earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master’s in Business Administration at Texas A&M-Texarkana. Her experience as a military brat has fueled her passion for helping veterans and providing the care and attention they deserve.